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You don’t have to have had a baby to understand why knowing and trusting your midwife matters to women, their babies and their families. It just makes sense. Who wouldn’t want to know the person caring for them at such a special time, wherever they choose to have their baby?

And it makes financial sense too – Knowing and trusting your midwife saves the NHS money in both the long and the short term. So, whether you are a mum, a dad, a grandmother, grandfather, aunt or uncle or the friend of a parent, we are asking you to be part of this campaign for change. Over the coming months there will be many ways you can help the campaign. Here’s just a few for starters.

  • Add your name to our growing list of supporters here. Every name adds a little more weight! If you want to add the support of an organisation please click here
  • Take part in our latest campaign action - Deliver a baby to your MP – simply print off, fill in your details and post
  • Donate to the Campaign – This campaign will continue to run on the donations of time and/or money from the organisations and groups who set it up, but funds are tight. If you feel able to donate, we promise to squeeze the most out of every penny! (link to donate button)
  • Spread the word anyway you can. Encourage your friends, relatives, neighbours, followers to sign up too.

A Midwife for Me and my Baby

We want every woman to have a midwife that she can get to know and trust

  • who can support her through her pregnancy, birth and beyond
  • regardless of her circumstances
  • or where her baby is to be born

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