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This government has repeatedly stated its support for choice and continuity of care in maternity. In many parts of the country neither are a reality for the majority of women, yet the benefits to women, their babies and their families of providing both, are well documented and significant.

As of April 2013 local NHS commissioning groups have been set up across England poised to start commissioning services for their community. The government will set the direction of travel, with interpretation of guidance and policy done at a local level by the commissioning groups, hopefully driven by the service user.

If ever there was a time for groups/organisations with an interest in maternity care to come together with a single voice to push for truly woman-centred maternity care across the country, it is now. We have a real chance to shape things and of course there is strength in numbers, the more of you who sign up to support and promote the campaign the wider the audience and the bigger the impact on policy makers and service commissioners.

The aim of this campaign is:

We want every woman to have a midwife who she can get to know and trust, who can support her through her pregnancy, birth and beyond, regardless of her circumstances or where her baby is to be born.

If you agree with our aim and want to see how we think it can be delivered you can get more background information about how we think the system needs to change by reading the Manifesto.

Please share and encourage every person in your organisation, as well as your members to 'Deliver a baby to your MP' - this simple act has huge potential to make a life-changing difference to every family in the country for decades to come.

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A Midwife for Me and my Baby

We want every woman to have a midwife that she can get to know and trust

  • who can support her through her pregnancy, birth and beyond
  • regardless of her circumstances
  • or where her baby is to be born

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